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Upcoming Events for our Boarding Community

Mr. Eric Lavergne This week is HALLOWEEN! For many of our boarding students, this will be their first Halloween experience. Our students will be participating in many great activities such as pumpkin carving, scary movie night and a trip to Saunders Farm for Fright Fest. If all goes well, they might even receive candy on...


Gillin this Week

Ms. Kate Lane Although we regularly hear of the many challenges this pandemic has posed, it’s also important to reflect upon some of the opportunities this new environment has created. Last week, we enjoyed another fabulous Cultural Presentation from our steadfast Boarding Captain, Mia, and were able to share this event, along with general greetings...


Dog Sledding and Snowshoeing in Quebec

Dana KatsayOn Friday, we went dog-sledding and snowshoeing. We took turns dog-sledding in pairs; one person was the driver and the other was the passenger. We drove the dog-sleds through a forest with a beautiful view. It was a really cold day! It made me happy to see dogs, enjoy being outside and it was...


Interview with Grade 8 student, Dylan Li

Congratulations, Dylan, on this tremendous success! The Junior School students, teachers and I are really proud of you. Could you please provide us with more details about FLL? First Lego League (FLL) is a global organization, representing 88 countries. The mission of FLL is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders and...


Senior School Parent/Teacher Interviews February 17

The Senior School will be hosting parent/teacher interviews on Wednesday, February 17 between 1 and 9 p.m. Teachers are available for booking on those dates at times that allow co-curriculars and club meetings to run, and teacher meals and childcare around bookings. Meetings are held virtually on MS Teams this year.The parent link in Edsby for...


Greetings from the Senior Art Studio

I am Stella Taucer Job, a second-year student teacher candidate at uOttawa, with a degree in Interior Design. I have had the wonderful opportunity to teach a complete unit on Interior Design to three of Ms. Ionta’s Grade 10 Art classes wherein students were challenged to create their idea of a dream room, in a...


There’s No Place Like Home and Guild Gifts for Gillin

Ms. Madeline KerrOn Wednesday, our boarders had the chance to enjoy a double treat: opening the gifts generously provided for them by the Ashbury Guild while watching the live-stream event ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ on the common room TV. The girls in Gillin were so grateful for the beautiful care packages that the Guild...


This Week with Gillin Girls

Ms. Kate LaneAll the Gillin teachers were excited to see our boarders who have returned over the past few weeks. Many have managed well through two weeks of quarantine and maintained positive attitudes throughout. This past week has seen Gillin in their first four day of “home learning” and, while we know it is ideal...

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