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Junior School Message – Vicky Wilgress Presentation

“History takes time. History makes memory.” (Gertrude Stein). Junior School students were very fortunate to have the knowledgeable Ms. Wilgress as a guest speaker during Chapel, as she presented a fascinating and detailed account of the history of Ashbury College. Vicky Wilgress, Ashbury College’s Relations Ambassador since 1987, began her presentation stating, “Working at Ashbury...



La semaine dernière, nous avons inclus un passage sur le bel échange entre les résidents du Centre d’Accueil Champlain et nos élèves de la 8e année, cours immersion. Below is a response from one of the senior citizens, Madame Monique Cousineau, from the Centre d’Accueil Champlain, to Grade 8 student, Alexandra Hill. Mercredi le 21...


Message from the Junior School

Without student voice, we are unable to advance as a school. Likewise, it is no different when it comes to protecting our planet. Our children know best. This year, the Junior School had the opportunity to write a letter to Mother Earth in the student-led Dear Mother Earth competition. Thank you to Jaime So (Grade...


Interview with Junior School Debaters

Why did you choose Debating Club as one of your extra-curricular activities? Diya: I chose the Debate Club as I have always wanted to join but I didn’t have time until the pandemic, I also joined to get better at public speaking and to get over some of my stage fright. Simone: I chose debate...


Interview with Alex Zhang (Grade 8)

When did you first play tennis and what has inspired you to remain committed to this sport? I started playing when I was 6 for fun, and then at 7, I wanted to play competitively. I love the sound of the ball striking the ground, there are few injuries and players respect each other. I...


Junior School Interview 11/28/20

Ms. Young–Good afternoon, Nathan, Tamsen and Vaishnavi. Thank you for joining me today. You have been remote learners for a few months, and we are curious to know more about your learning experience. Could you please tell me what has been one the highlights for you of distance learning? TT-Being able to connect with my...

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