Junior School Interview 11/28/20

Ms. YoungGood afternoon, Nathan, Tamsen and Vaishnavi. Thank you for joining me today. You have been remote learners for a few months, and we are curious to know more about your learning experience.

Could you please tell me what has been one the highlights for you of distance learning?

TT-Being able to connect with my class since the summer, even if I am not at school.

NA-I like talking to my friends in class and in MAD (Music, Art, Drama). We usually do a lot of group work, especially in Drama.

To date, what has been your favourite lesson, activity or class, and why?

VM- Music and art class. We made these drums in art and then had the opportunity to play them in music.

NA-Drama is my favourite class. I get to see my friends, talk with them, and make sock puppet videos with my group.

TT-My favourite classes are Math and Art. The teachers have done an especially good job of having remote and in-class learners read out loud and answer questions. I really feel included in the class, even if I am at home. In art, the teacher shows our artwork to the class and we can all see how everyone is progressing.

What advice would you give to a student considering distance learning?

NA- You have to listen as much as you can. It is just like being in class, but you need to give a bit of extra focus.

TT-The way the school has structured remote learning has made us all feel a part of the class which is on campus. It is an amazing experience.

VM-I feel as if I am actually in the classroom. All the features are right here to make learning happen. You don’t need to be afraid of distance learning.

What has been the largest challenge?

VM-Finding out where to hand in assignments.

NA-I have had some technological difficulties with my Wi-Fi at home. This stresses me out!

TT-There is sometimes a slight lag between what the teacher says and what I hear. It is my home Wi-Fi.

Finally, how have you grown as a learner?

VM-I have learned to stop using the chat feature when I have a question and develop the confidence to speak up in class and ask my question.

NA-I have definitely learned that I am a better typist online. I have also improved my reading and writing since being online. TT-Since doing distance learning, I have improved at raising my hand, sharing my answers and communicating in a clearer way.

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