Student Support

Ashbury College has a multidisciplinary team of professionals who work together and are engaged in the community to guide our students in their personal growth, health, and wellness.

Members of the student support team act as a circle of care to capture the needs of the student. The members of this team focus on academic, social/emotional, and physical wellness.

Members of the team include our School Counsellor (MSW), Nurse (RN), Learning Strategists, Chapel and Life Skills Coordinator, and Director of Student Success and Wellness.

Learning Success

Ashbury College recognizes the diversity of student learning needs. In both Junior and Senior School, students are supported by their classroom teachers through differentiated approaches to instruction and assessment.

Our teachers regularly offer extra help to solidify knowledge and understanding of course content. In addition, our Learning Strategists work with teachers to meet the needs of all learners in their classrooms.
Our Learning Strategists support students through academic coaching; executive functioning, studying, and general learning skills.

Individualized learning plans are designed for students with diagnosed learning exceptionalities so they can achieve to their academic potential

Social/Emotional Well-Being

Students have access to our School Counsellor (MSW) to support their mental health and personal growth journey through Ashbury College. Our School Counsellor offers a safe space for students to confidentially share their stories.

Our School Counsellor assesses student needs, offers brief counselling, and refers to resources outside of school when needed. Students are also supported through our Chapel Program run by our Life Skills and Chapel Coordinator who is often called on to provide student guidance.

Our Life Skills and Chapel Coordinator delivers character education through our non-denominational Chapel Program.

The Life Skills and Chapel Coordinator is available for pastoral care and counselling for students and families to support their personal journey and life skills.

With the continued need to offer distance learning, Ashbury College has adopted the keep.meSAFE by Mental Wellness Student Support Program.

This is an integrative program that provides solutions-focused support for all students at Ashbury College from Grade 8-12. Using the My SSP app students can access support from qualified counsellors in their language and culture, 24/7/365, anywhere in the world.

Ashbury College has worked with Guard.Me Insurance to adopt the keep.meSAFE Mental Wellness Student Support Program (MySSP) online APP.

Physical Health

The school nurse is available for our students through the Wellness Center.

The nurse focus on the physical health of our students and is available to discuss any health concerns students may have while at school.

Students with musculoskeletal injuries and concussions may work with our Athletic Therapist on an ongoing basis to support their recovery and rehabilitation to ensure a safe return to sport and activities. Concussion management, including return to learn and return to play protocols, are also managed by the athletic therapist.

Our Athletic and Fitness trainer focuses on student physical health and fitness. Students have access to our trainer through the Fitness Centre. Our trainer often works with sports teams to organize fitness programs that focus on specific fitness requirements for each sport and athlete. While working out in the Fitness Centre, students may ask for guidance on how to use the machines and develop individualized fitness and nutrition plans.

Success Stories

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