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Gillin over the Thanksgiving Long Weekend

Hyebin Jung & Alice LiaoWhile we were taking a break for the Thanksgiving weekend, we went to Saunders Farm. The farm was super big and there were lots of different stops to stop by, like the Haunted Hayride, Mile Maze, and Jumping Pillows. I loved all of the activities and had an amazing time hanging...


Decorating Gillin for Autumn!

Emma TamLast night, a few of us made some fall decorations. We went out to collect leaves from trees on campus, then brought them back to residence to wax them. Once we finished that, we hung them all up on string to be able to put them up on the wall. It was super fun!...


Thanksgiving Long Weekend

Nicola Pignatti-Morano & David OkpoOver the Thanksgiving Long Weekend, I stayed behind and took part in the in-house programming offered by Ashbury College. Here is a quick resume of our activities.The zip-lining was definitely the most intense activity we experienced during this long weekend. It was really fun to see some of the boarders challenge...


This Week in Matthews

Mr. Brian StoroskoWe have hit the ground running. Parents, we know how teenage boys operate and communicate. Question: What did you do this week? Student: Not much/nothing/boring… This weekly will keep you informed on the activities that we have been up to and hopefully it will give you an idea of what to ask your...


Boarders’ Weekend with the Gillin Girls

Maria SafonovaThis year’s Boarders’ Weekend was particularly special when compared to previous years. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the Boarding Teachers and Boarding Council had to be extra creative but it worked out great! We did many ice-breaker activities like rotational circles where we talked to each person for a minute and who likes what games....

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