Brian Storosko

Greetings Families, 

For those families who were not able to attend the move-in day, the welcome chat with parents is in a letter that has been posted to the Matthews’ House Edsby news feed. If you have not joined this Edsby group yet, it is an area where some announcements are posted, some photos are posted, and items like the agenda for the House meetings is posted.  

The students in Matthews have been learning new routines for morning and evening sign-ins which occur at mealtimes. These are the safety check-ins to ensure face-to-face contact with the students. The students are also responsible for having their lights out and their electronics away at a certain time of the night. If they do need to speak with you after curfew because of time differences, they need to let the duty teacher know of their plans.  

Curfews – Weekdays 

  • Grades 9,10 = 10:30 p.m. lights out 
  • Grade 11 = 10:45 p.m. lights out 
  • Grade 12 = 11:00 p.m. in rooms 

Curfews – Weekends 

  • Grades 9,10 = 11 p.m. 
  • Grade 11 = 11:30 p.m. 
  • Grade 12 = Midnight 

In this message, we have posted some photos of the students at their desks for prep time (homework), we have also posted some of these to Edsby, as you can see from some photos, room neatness will be on our radar next week. 

Our Staff taking care of your children: 

  • Brian Storosko, Head of Matthews House, Deputy Head  
  • Eric Lavergne, Assistant Head of Matthews House, Faculty 
  • Jay D’Amour, Boarding Staff
  • Matthew Rudisi , Boarding Staff, Faculty 

Contact phone numbers and email addresses are on the Matthews House Edsby page. Parents are encouraged to register for an Edsby account if they haven’t done so already.

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