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Gillin over the Thanksgiving Long Weekend

Hyebin Jung & Alice LiaoWhile we were taking a break for the Thanksgiving weekend, we went to Saunders Farm. The farm was super big and there were lots of different stops to stop by, like the Haunted Hayride, Mile Maze, and Jumping Pillows. I loved all of the activities and had an amazing time hanging...


Decorating Gillin for Autumn!

Emma TamLast night, a few of us made some fall decorations. We went out to collect leaves from trees on campus, then brought them back to residence to wax them. Once we finished that, we hung them all up on string to be able to put them up on the wall. It was super fun!...


Thanksgiving Long Weekend

Nicola Pignatti-Morano & David OkpoOver the Thanksgiving Long Weekend, I stayed behind and took part in the in-house programming offered by Ashbury College. Here is a quick resume of our activities.The zip-lining was definitely the most intense activity we experienced during this long weekend. It was really fun to see some of the boarders challenge...



Ms. Kate LaneAs Thanksgiving is upon us, I wanted to take a moment to say how much I appreciate everyone’s commitment to Ashbury boarding during these challenging times. While some boarders remain home this fall term, we certainly are looking forward to the day they can arrive on campus to join our family in Gillin...


We Went Apple Picking!

Sarah SidorchukThis past Saturday Ms. H took some of us apple picking at the Log Cabin Orchard. It was a little cloudy but the temperature made it a perfect fall day. We each picked a big bag of apples–they were really tasty, a little bit sour. We also got some apple cider and churros and...


This Week in Matthews

Mr. Brian StoroskoAs the boys are becoming busier with their studies we are looking to have them engaged with others socially as well. We really do want to avoid having people isolated in their rooms, and to this end, we are pushing boys to be involved in activities with others. This means that on weekends...


Baking Apple Pies in Gillin

Eva Siao and Sophia NicolelaThis Wednesday, we made an apple pie. This involved making the dough for the crust from scratch, and cutting up and mixing the apples. It was a calm, but busy working environment in the kitchen. We listened to some music, and it was a good time for us to just let...


Boarding message October 2

Curfew· Effective Friday, September 25, boarders in Grades 11 and 12 will have their curfew extended to 11 p.m. ON CAMPUS on Friday and Saturday nights.· If you have an off-campus pass, you must check back in with residential faculty at 10 p.m. to show that you are back on campus, but Grade 11 and...


Outdoor Movie Night

Alice LiaoAfter dinner on Saturday, we had movie night. There were delicious snacks and comfortable chairs prepared for us. We decided together to watch Black Panther in the Matthews House courtyard. It was a great time enjoying the nice weather, sitting outside, and watching an amazing movie. I hope to do it again next weekend!

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