Brian Storosko

To all the new and returning students and families: Welcome to Matthews House, your home environment for the 2022-2023 school year. 

Eric Lavergne, Jay D’Amour, Matt Rudisi, and myself, Brian Storosko, are all here to take care of your children. Kaleefah Henry will also be in our building for the first few months and he will be involved in teaching and many co-curricular and sport activities. 

There is little to report from the residence perspective because the majority of the boys were only here one night before rushing off to the various camps where they were offline with no cell support and no wifi. Basically, after arrivals, we had a full boarding dinner followed by a welcoming in the theatre where the House Council (student leaders for boarding) introduced themselves, and Norman Southward, Head of School, said a few words. Andrea Kelly, Director of Boarding, welcomed all and spoke about the school Code of Conduct. The boys then headed to their rooms to get settled in and ready themselves for camp. 

On Wednesday, the boys were introduced to their breakfast routines, they met with their TAG groups and peers, and then the 9’s, 10’s and 11’s headed off to camps. The 12’s had some university prep sessions and the university tours on Thursday. 

A few busy days, we are looking forward to establishing our academic routines in the weeks ahead. 

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