Grade 4 Drama with Mme Harriz  

By: Taouq Al-lefdawi 

Students in Grade 4 drama are fortunate to have Mme Harriz for drama. Her sense of humour, her teaching style, and patience make her an amazing teacher.  

The class sometimes starts with students focusing on mindfulness, reflections, and games. For example, the game “Yes Let’s” involves students sitting in a circle and someone starting the story by saying ‘once upon a time.’ Everyone gets a chance to speak by adding logical sentences to the story.  

Currently, we are learning how to portray animals with our voices and body. Additionally, the class is also learning to use half masks on stage. Half masks are masks that cover half of your face. You use half masks to move like animals with human character traits. We have even watched videos showcasing professionals in action acting as animals, which has helped us to better understand how we can move our bodies and change our voices to act and sound like animals. 

An assignment that the class worked on involved a presentation. We each chose a half mask of an animal and wrote in our OneNote binders about it. We had to comment on what the animal sounded like, if it was female or male, what food it liked to eat, its name, its favourite activities, and finally, its talent. Students practised in front of their peers to get feedback for improvement, and after that we recorded our acts on Flip.  

We have so much fun in drama class. We can’t wait to find out what we will be doing next. 

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