Virtual Humanities and Social Sciences Post-Secondary Panelist Bios

Sarah Doshi ’22

Sarah is currently completing her undergraduate degree at New York University, majoring in liberal studies and international relations. As part of her program, she has been studying in Washington, DC, for her first year. Sarah is a Staff Intern at the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Canada Institute. 

Sydney Joos ’22

Syd Joos graduated from Ashbury College with the class of 2022 and is currently pursuing a double Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing and Ancient Civilizations, focusing in the Mediterranean, at the University of Iowa. Syd is also pursuing a minor in Theatre Arts and is currently working for the University’s costumes department along with the broadway level performing theatre Hancher Auditorium. She has been able to design and create main-stage theatre costumes, meet local politicians, famous performers, and become more integrated with the University’s organizations. Recently, Syd has been inducted into the Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society where she will continue to pursue further research in her majors with like-minded academics across campus. 

Erin Wai ’18

Erin completed the International Baccalaureate program at Ashbury in 2018. She went on to study a bachelor’s of journalism and humanities with a minor in music at Carleton University. She is now working on a master’s of folklore and public culture at the University of Oregon and is working towards a specialization in ethnomusicology and a certificate in Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies. Her research centers around decolonial theory in public programming and performance.

Justin Novick-Faille ’13

After graduating from Ashbury, Justin attended the University of Toronto where he graduated with a Bachelor Degree (Honours), majoring in History, with minors in Spanish and Human Geography. After undergrad, he spent a year working on the Hill, splitting his time between working in an MP’s Office and at PMO. Justin was accepted into the University of Ottawa’s French Common Law program, and graduated Cum Laude in 2022. Currently, he is completing his articles at McMillan LLP, a national law firm.

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