Grade 4 Halloween Committee 

By Matthew Foster and Emily Toews   

The Holiday and Celebration Committees are leadership opportunities for students in Mrs. Sargeant’s Grade 4 classroom. Students can decide to chair a committee by picking a holiday or celebration that is important to them and finding 3 or 4 people to join as members. Students meet as a team to prepare a presentation to inform the class about the holiday. As a committee, they work as a team to sometimes decorate the class, plan fun activities, like a movie, games related to the holiday, etc., and bring in traditional food or snacks for the class.  

On October 31, Suyu Hu, Cameron Redpath, Emily Toews, Elizabeth Egan, and Amaya Abaza participated in a Halloween committee. The planning took a whole week! This committee was chaired by Suyu and had help from the Grade 8 steward, Shrivali Gupta. The Halloween committee set up fun games where the winners would get a prize of candy! They set up a Halloween scavenger hunt where you would go around the class trying to find candy! They also created an informative presentation about the history of Halloween and many fun facts were learned during the slideshow and on the trivia sheet. The Halloween committee handed out goodie bags and Mrs. Sargeant brought cupcakes for us to eat. 

The Halloween committee spent a lot of time preparing this special event for the class. The Grade 4s are very thankful for them organizing this wonderful committee. We look forward to seeing what happens during the Christmas committee event. 

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