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Junior School Interview 11/28/20

Ms. Young–Good afternoon, Nathan, Tamsen and Vaishnavi. Thank you for joining me today. You have been remote learners for a few months, and we are curious to know more about your learning experience. Could you please tell me what has been one the highlights for you of distance learning? TT-Being able to connect with my...


Débattre en français

La semaine dernière, les élèves de 11e et 12e année Immersion ont approfondi leur pratique du débat en français. En partant des grands enjeux mondiaux proposés par l’Organisation du Baccalauréat international, ils ont pu 1) proposer leurs propres questions 2) en discuter en classe entière et choisir les plus pertinentes, par exemple : « La...


This Week In Matthews

Mr. Brian StoroskoIt continues to be a busy time of the year as students are undergoing numerous academic assessments and teachers are busy marking and writing report cards. For the Grade 12 students, university marks are being submitted. It is during busy times that we must also remind ourselves and our students to take the...


Escape Rooms in Gillin and Matthews House

Caleb HailemariamOn the first night of the long weekend, the other boarders and I went to an escape room together. Each residence was separated into three groups of 5-6 people and we were all put into three different rooms where we had to solve different kinds of puzzles to either find an item or exit...


Fun with Earth Studies

Emma Tam and Sophia NicolelaOn Friday, we went to Quebec to do Earth Studies. We got to hike around the woods and learned many things about the earth and survival. Once we got to a clearing, we were separated into groups and were taught how to build a safe and controlled fire. Then we cooked...


Scavenger Hunt Ottawa!

Mohammad GhazOn Sunday, boarding students took part in a scavenger hunt in the downtown area around and in the Rideau Centre. Students were given a set of things to find and photograph with their groups and send to the residence staff including colours of the rainbow, the “AWATTO” sign, Maman the spider, and others. After...


Weekend Carnival

Mr. Peter HarrisThere is a great saying in Canada, “Make hay while the sun shines.” In short, it means to take advantage of the good days while you have them. Our Ashbury boarding council certainly did that this weekend when they organized a wonderful outdoor carnival to celebrate the warm weather. Students played sports, socialized,...


This Week in Gillin

Ms. Kate LaneThe incredible weather this past week has resulted in some exceptional outdoor activities for our boarders. Each day, Gillinites were encouraged to get outside for a walk, run, or simply enjoy their final co-curricular meeting of the season. I am so proud of our many girls who took up a new sport or...


This Week in Matthews

Mr. Brian StoroskoWe have been blessed with extraordinary weather since last weekend the boys have been taking advantage of being outside shooting basket balls or being on the soccer field. With all the activity often comes bigger appetites. Your boys are treated to some outstanding meals and also some outstanding snacks (see photo). If your...

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Senior School Closing Ceremony

Watch a livestream of the Senior School closing celebration by clicking here! A recording of the event will also be available next week.