Thanksgiving Long Weekend

Nicola Pignatti-Morano & David Okpo
Over the Thanksgiving Long Weekend, I stayed behind and took part in the in-house programming offered by Ashbury College. Here is a quick resume of our activities.
The zip-lining was definitely the most intense activity we experienced during this long weekend. It was really fun to see some of the boarders challenge themselves on the zip-line, especially when it was their turn to go on the highest one. I personally enjoyed the fact that both residences were engaging in conversations and had the opportunity to know each other better. I think this is fundamental considering the fact that we don’t have the same freedom when we’re in school. I remember that, when it was time to return to campus, the bus in which we had arrived was not working, the girls’ bus was working just fine and they managed to leave earlier than us. However, the fact that our bus was not working was probably the best inconvenience ever. We were all sitting at the back of the bus simply jamming to music and making fun of all the stories that had happened to us during the zip lining. It was great. 10/10

Mini-golf was the most competitive activity. The funny thing is, only a few boarders actually know how to play minigolf, and by “a few” I mean two. We spent the whole evening trying to score in ONE of the holes, near the end of the activity we realized that we are not particularly good at the sport. Instead we decided to try scoring a few trick shots, best decision ever. The food was absolutely delicious, I’m pretty sure everyone ate their whole meal. Later that night, right after we came back from the mini golf, Mr. Lavergne surprised us with milkshakes for all. It was a great day, I’ll give it a 11/10.

Trivia Night and Saunders Farm
The boarding Thanksgiving weekend was filled with a lot of exciting activities, with most of them being new to me. I thoroughly enjoyed both the visit to Saunders Farm, as well as the special Thanksgiving dinner. At Saunders Farm, the first thing I experienced after getting off the bus was the Haunted Hayride, a frightening journey which entailed being maneuvered through a scary pathway while seated on the back of a tractor. After, we walked around the farm, eating the best of beavertails, taking pictures, and getting busy on the jumbo jumpers (jumping pillows). Later that evening, we got to have a campfire dinner, eating the best hot dogs and then “smores” and telling the funniest of stories while doing so. As for the Thanksgiving dinner, we enjoyed eating the best food from the school’s cafeteria, and later had Mr. Dan Jessup as host of our really exciting trivia night where we got to work in groups to make our own answers to questions and explain why our answers were so relevant. The trivia night was also really fun, and it really brought the boarding students together. I hope to see more fun activities just like these in the future.

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