Gillin over the Thanksgiving Long Weekend

Hyebin Jung & Alice Liao
While we were taking a break for the Thanksgiving weekend, we went to Saunders Farm. The farm was super big and there were lots of different stops to stop by, like the Haunted Hayride, Mile Maze, and Jumping Pillows. I loved all of the activities and had an amazing time hanging out with my friends. We also had a bbq/campfire after that. It started to get a little cold, but the campfire definitely kept us warm. I was amused by the sky and sunset because it was really, really pretty. Overall, I enjoyed everything at the farm and can’t wait for the next long weekend!

During the Thanksgiving long weekend, boarders had a scrumptious thanksgiving dinner in the Mac hall on Sunday. The major options were turkey, stuffing, and apple pie, however, there were other great options as well. The mac hall was beautifully decorated with some ornaments, and we all enjoyed the cozy-family atmosphere it had created. It truly made us feel that school is our home away from home. Followed by the Thanksgiving dinner, we played virtual trivia; the game was hosted by Daniel Jessup. Hearing each other’s opinions and stating the reasons for each question were so much fun! It was a great opportunity to develop our teamwork skills, too. We are already excited for next year’s Thanksgiving long weekend!

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