This Week in Gillin

Ms. Kate Lane
The incredible weather this past week has resulted in some exceptional outdoor activities for our boarders. Each day, Gillinites were encouraged to get outside for a walk, run, or simply enjoy their final co-curricular meeting of the season. I am so proud of our many girls who took up a new sport or activity this term— from field hockey to cross country running, fitness, basketball and tennis— staying active and embarking on a new challenge welcomes a wealth of benefits both physically and mentally. Please ask your daughters about how they will stay active and healthy during their winter term as well. Options include swimming, learn-to-skate, coed hockey, skiing, and many more.

We continue to engage our distance boarders and were so pleased to learn more about Russia this past Wednesday during an interesting presentation by Eva A, Dana and Alina for our Gillin community. Speaking of community, it continues to impress me how inclusive and welcoming our boarders are, exemplified by a new student joining us on Saturday—the girls ran up from their games to meet Nazifa and ensure she felt immediately part of the Gillin family. Another great example was celebrating Jonny’s 18th birthday—a special day that could easily go overlooked during these restricted times, but her friends coordinated a beautiful, outdoor (distanced) gathering in order to properly celebrate. The creativity, kindness, and resilience of our students has been remarkable this year.

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