Senior School Parent/Teacher Interviews February 17

The Senior School will be hosting parent/teacher interviews on Wednesday, February 17 between 1 and 9 p.m. Teachers are available for booking on those dates at times that allow co-curriculars and club meetings to run, and teacher meals and childcare around bookings. Meetings are held virtually on MS Teams this year.The parent link in Edsby for booking interviews, which is accessed through parent Edsby Messages, will open on Monday, February 1 at 4 p.m. It will close on Friday, February 12 at 4 p.m. Please ensure that your computer clock is set to Eastern Standard Time while you are booking your meetings.

Parents may sign up via Edsby for 10-minute interviews with their child’s teachers where time is available. As meeting time is limited, please book only one interview slot for each teacher, unless that teacher is teaching more than one of your children. In addition, if you have no serious concerns about your child’s progress in a course at this time please wait a day or two before booking a time with that teacher to give parents who may have more serious concerns a chance to book.

On the day your interviews are scheduled, please log in to your child’s Teams account using these instructions before your first meeting and be available at your child’s laptop, at the times set in your meeting schedule, to receive calls from the teachers with whom you have scheduled meetings. Parents will need to make sure that they are ready and available at the scheduled times as teachers will need to follow their booking lists quite closely.

If you have more than one son/daughter in the Senior School, please let the teachers know whose account they should be calling. (e.g. Dear Mr. Holman, We have three daughters in the senior school so for parent teacher interviews can you please call us on Kristi’s account.) If you have questions about how Teams operates, please ask your child for a tutorial or contact for assistance before February 17.

In the event that a teacher with whom you wish to meet is completely booked, or you miss their call on interview day, you may contact him or her directly to schedule an alternate time on another mutually convenient date. Please check Edsby instructions here for further booking details. Interview schedules may be printed before the link closes to use as a reference while waiting for teachers to call. If you cannot locate your Edsby logins or do not see the message with the booking link, please contact our IT department by email or exte

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