This week in Gillin & Maple

Kate Lane

It’s hard to believe another month has flown by – capped off by our final quarantine student finally joining the rest of the Ashbury community. We are thrilled! It has been a whirlwind of a start and I continue to be impressed with how resilient and accommodating our students have been. While covid has no-doubt impacted us all in different, and difficult, ways, a silver lining is that we have a generation of youth who have developed a keen ability to adapt to change and understand that much of life’s circumstances are out of our control.

This past week saw our boarding council create, lose, re-create and change various Halloween plans. We had students needing to self-isolate from classes one day and be able to return the next. Within our small community, especially boarding, it is crucial that everyone be supportive, kind, and cooperative during these challenging times. Everyone is healthy and well – always be our number one concern.

We are grateful that Ottawa is slowly returning to “normal” and students are able to enjoy some regular activities like browsing the stores in Rideau Centre (shopping mall) or testing out the new restaurants in town. Having everyone full vaccinated ensures we stay safe while participating in these activities that provide much-needed down time.

A friendly reminder/plea to all parents: please approve your child’s November long weekend request! Thank you and have a wonderful week.

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