This Week in Matthews

Mr. Brian Storosko
The sun has been shining, and we have given the boys some more free time after dinner before evening homework begins. The good news is they get to enjoy the sunshine a little bit longer. This week, three new boxed bicycles arrived for boarder use and Fred gave his time and efforts to construct two of the bikes for others to ride. A few of the Grade 11 students met in the kitchen to view one of the university preparation sessions together. We also had a very mini Eid celebration with food treats to mark the end of the fasting period. Jafaar helped to lead some of the other students in the religious fasting and they were joined by a few others who lent their support with their own fasting experiences. We have continued to enjoy the food trucks on campus each week as it has added some variety and a social outlet for the students. Last week the menu was tacos and it was finally warm enough for the boys to eat outside on the tables set up on the tennis court

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