This Week In Matthews

Mr. Brian Storosko
It continues to be a busy time of the year as students are undergoing numerous academic assessments and teachers are busy marking and writing report cards. For the Grade 12 students, university marks are being submitted.

It is during busy times that we must also remind ourselves and our students to take the time for recreation and relaxation. This past long weekend gave many the chance to unwind. We have student reports on some of the November Long Weekend activities such as Escape room, trip to Earth Studies and the Ottawa Scavenger Hunt. There are also numerous activities around the residences to keep the boys busy. Caleb and Nicola (see photos) were busy on the weekend helping out by assembling some bike racks that are in use in the residence. Some boys are giving peer tutoring lessons and others are receiving help.

On Thursday, the school ran our very own TEDx event. Matthews House was very proud of Alec Dewulf who was brave enough to give his own presentation (photos of Alex on the screen and a few others who watched from our common room.)

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