Kate Lane

Happy June to all! With classes officially over, and exams commencing today for the majority of our students, the mix of emotions – excitement in finishing a big year, nervousness in writing exams for the first time in two years – is palpable. While “stressful,” this time of year also presents so many opportunities to connect, share, support, and work together. Hearing about the extra geography help our duty teacher, Mr. Lackey, provided, and watching a group sitting around the dining table in Gillin practicing their math equations on the whiteboard, are simple reminders of the advantages to living amongst your peers and teachers.   

Our boarding program is large enough to create special experiences both on and off campus, yet small enough to allow for flexibility and individualized care for our students. Undoubtedly, the past two years have posed significant challenges to students’ mental health around the world – and from around the world is where our students originate. I am grateful to be a part of a school that goes the extra mile to ensure our students are supported throughout their challenges while being provided with the opportunity to grow from, and through, personal struggles.  

Seeing students through to graduation is, at times, no easy task. Fortunately, our boarding team – composed of an English & economics teacher, school nurse, athletic therapist, and guidance counsellor, alongside our teachers and wellness team – is keenly aware of this and happy to provide the time and effort required to see students through to the finish line. Watching our talented Gillinites perform on stage for Arts Night, sell postcards to support the ongoing effort in Ukraine, run their first 5km race, and gain entrance into exciting university destinations makes it all worthwhile. Thank you for entrusting your children in our care. 

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