Brian Storosko

Congratulations to Matthieu and James who will be part of the School Student Leadership Team next year. We have a few other courageous students who sought positions and we are hoping to see some of them as House Council members in the future. Congratulations also to Mohammad and Caleb who presented about Boarding Life at the full school assembly this week as they were able to capture the essence of the comradery in the residences and also the excitement of the many outings and activities. In the photos, we see others playing on the fields, creating food sensations in the kitchen, and pondering the use of the BBQ at residence. Some of the IB students were having a group exam prep session in the CLC and others were in the library doing classwork. Hmm, there is even a photo of a messy room… perhaps you should ask your son for a video picture of his room! 

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