Kate Lane

With evening prep starting later these nights, Gillinites are enjoying the hour between dinner and being back at their desks to be outside socializing on the field. On Monday night, it was so wonderful to see: rugby, American football, soccer, baseball, and even a dance-off, all happening at once on the main campus field. These activities and downtime are so integral to a student’s wellbeing; when speaking to your child, please continue to support active, productive social time as the exam season ramps up. 

Students also enjoyed seeing their Mud Oven pottery items return over the weekend, showcasing some of the impressive creativity and artistic talent in Maple and Gillin. There was also some baking and appreciation of the snacks that were brought over after teacher appreciation day (thank you, Parents Committee!).  

During wing meetings this week, senior students led a conversation about time management, chunking assignments, study techniques, exam preparation, and general ideas around staying healthy and well under the more demanding month ahead. Starting to think about this early will hopefully stymie some of the nervousness that will inevitably arise – preparation is the best antidote to exam jitters! And with this being the first time in years, or ever for some students, that we will take exams, we hope everyone feels comfortable in reaching out when they need additional support. 

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