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The sun is shining, days are longer, and flowers are popping up along campus – these subtle shifts have made a tremendous impact on everyone’s mood and energy. This week, we loved seeing several of the Gillin and Maple students out supporting our sporting events, and their classmates – both the girls’ soccer game on Tuesday and boys’ rugby Thursday. In the pictures below, you can see everyone’s smiling faces; we are all grateful for the return of sports and an increased normality on campus and beyond. With students being able to sign out to friend’s houses on weekends now, our boarders have also been able to broaden their groups and enjoy even more of their “Canadian experience” with local hosts.  

While summative season and exams are on the horizon (or in full swing for our grade 12 IB students), some increased stress has arisen around academics this week. Please remind your children that stress is to be expected at school and is, in fact, a useful mechanism to help us prepare and perform. At school, and in wing meetings next week, we will provide organizational and study strategies from our more experienced senior students.  

Finally, kudos to all of our grade 11 students who applied for leadership roles – putting your name forward is an act of bravery in itself!  And congratulations to Alice who will help lead our boarding council and Gillin next year, as well as Hyebin for earning the Arts Prefect position – well done!  Our additional boarding council members will be selected over the next few weeks, and I look forward to seeing all the applications that come through. 

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Senior School Closing Ceremony

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