Kate Lane

As our boarding students were heading out of MacHall this morning (perhaps a little more slowly than usual), one Grade 11 commented “it’s the last Friday of the year!” as an explanation why everyone seemed to be lingering a little longer in the dining hall and less rushed to move to their first period classes. While we still have a little over three weeks until closing, this observation – the “first last” of many to come –  was a powerful reminder of the limited time we have left together in residence.  

About half of our current students will not be returning next year, either graduating or heading back home after their one-year Canadian experience. We hope that everyone makes the most of their final few weeks together in a healthy mix of exam preparation and enjoying social activities – or whatever they need to relax – both on and off campus.  

Highlights this past week have included: the tulip festival, celebrating two 18th birthdays (Hyebin & Savannah!), and the variety of arts events showcasing all the musical, spoken word, and artistic talent in Gillin and Maple. I look forward to attending the capstone “Coffee House” this evening! 

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