Brian Storosko

What was your highlight of the week? This was the question that was asked of all the boys in Matthews House. Surprisingly, most answers were related to the co-curricular involvement that students are doing after school each day. Rugby in the rain and mud was number one! It looks like the boarding staff will now have to push laundry skills all weekend!  

Recreational basketball, baseball, and band were also popular highlights of the week. Thank goodness academic achievements were also mentioned, from submitting Paper 1 in English, to writing 3 tests, to getting some high grades; these were all academic highlights. One student was very moved by a special trip to Kitigan Zibi to hear recollections from Residential School survivors. Activities such as strolling back to residence from the downtown on a beautiful sunny day was appreciated by others.  

Our students are fortunate enough to have so many resources at their fingertips. Keep reminding your boys to take advantage of all that we have to offer! 

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