Brian Storosko

We kicked off the week with a House Meeting Sunday night. Spring is in the air, behaviours change, and we had to remind the students of the various rules and regulations that help to keep us all safe. The meetings notes are posted in the Matthews House Edsby news feed. 

Last Friday, and the Fridays ahead, many of the students who are fasting gathered in Maclaren Hall after sunset to enjoy a “breaking of the fast” meal. They are looking forward to a special celebration at the end of the month as well. 

Studying in the CLC on main campus and gym time are now available for our students on weekend. Spring sports are in full swing and we have a few students on the rowing team, rugby, and City of Ottawa High School basketball champions in our residence! (Samer, James, TK, Joshua). 

As a “welcome to spring” event, we had a special food truck meal this week. The hamburgers and poutine were a popular hit! On the same night, we had a group head out to a special indoor climbing wall while the grade 12 graduates met on campus to celebrate Grad Night! Congratulations to Patrick Tam for his karaoke performance! 

We are hoping to keep the boys involved and engaged in their academics while they also enjoy the many activities for them in the weeks ahead! 

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Senior School Closing Ceremony

Watch a livestream of the Senior School closing celebration by clicking here! A recording of the event will also be available next week.