Brian Storosko

The students celebrating Ramadan were treated to a 4:00 am pre-sunrise breakfast last weekend when Mr. D’Amour became the pancake chef! There were some lively games of dodgeball at Sports Night mid-week, where students got to head to the gym after prep to socialize and let off some steam with physical activity. There are a few photos of a group of Grade 12 students in the CLC (Creative Learning Centre) at break, and there is also a photo of Sytukie, an Inuit Knowledge Keeper, who works with our school to educate the students about many aspects of Indigenous life. Justus and Ryan posed for a birthday photo before sharing a cake with their peers. It was great to see a group on the field after dinner this week running around with a few soccer balls, however, we are not sure if that will happen this weekend because the fields are currently covered with fresh snow! 

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