Kate Lane

Tuesday Rock Climbing by Paula Garcia 

Going rock climbing was an amazing experience that boarding gave us. We had a fun time with our friends and learned the basics of climbing. We got the chance to bond with our friends while doing something fun and different. Thank you to Ms. Hickson and Mr. Rudisi for taking us, it was very fun. If anyone has the chance you should definitely give it a try!  

Crepe Creations by Christin Foster 

Cette fin de semaine dans l’internat on a fait des crêpes pour la semaine de la francophonie. C’était très sympa de faire avec quelqu’un et aussi très amusant. La recette était vraiment facile et amusante à suivre. J’ai vraiment aimé faire ça et j’espère la refaire avec plus de gens! 

Clothing Swap by Vera Escobar 

This past weekend, I organized a clothing swap/donation as part of my CAS project. Boxes were set in the common room where people were able to bring clothing thought the day that they did not need anymore and believed could get better use. At the end of the day the clothing swap took place. People were able to come look though the boxes and see if there was anything that they might need or enjoy. The clothing that was left is going to be donated to a shelter. The project had a great turnout with many people donating their clothes. 

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