Kate Lane

After a solid two-week break, our Gillin and Maple students have returned well-rested and rejuvenated for a strong final spring term. For those who stayed with the March break programming, they too took many day trips and capped off their break with a five-day excursion to Quebec City, followed by an Ottawa Sens (professional hockey) game on Saturday night. Please enjoy a number of pictures from their adventures.  

Just prior to the break we also had a couple of other exciting events: a high ropes/climbing apparatus installed in the gym and used for one of our sports nights, as well as an art exhibit from our very own Hyebin and Audrey.  They created a special project, bringing and showcasing student art to a local retirement home. This creative undertaking is just one example of how we can be more involved in our community and bring joy to the lives of others. I am so proud of the girls for their ingenuity, work-ethic, and commitment to seeing this project through. 

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