Final examinations for all students in grades 9 through 12, other than IB Diploma students, will take place from Friday, June 3 to Tuesday, June 14 inclusive. The exam schedule (link here) has been posted on the student portal of our website. Students will be reviewing their exam timetables with their teacher advisors to confirm conflicts that arise because of exams scheduled in the same exam period and any instances where they are scheduled to write four exams in a row.  They should review their exam timetables with their parents as well to note any that may conflict with outside events, such as sports or medical appointments. 

The Academic Office has automatically scheduled conflict exams in the other exam period on the same date, or on an alternate date, for any exams that are scheduled at the same time in the exam timetable.  Students scheduled to write four exams in a row are eligible to write a conflict exam for one of their exams; the Academic Office will schedule a conflict exam where this situation is identified and will determine, based on administrative considerations, which exam is to be rescheduled.  Students should notify Kathleen Munro Collins at by Friday, May 20 if they are eligible to write a conflict exam and one has not yet been scheduled for them. Students who do not wish to take advantage of a conflict exam that has been scheduled for them must also notify Mrs. Munro Collins no later than May 27.  No exam schedule changes will be made after that date.  

A schedule of conflict exams will be posted for students in the Academic Office and students and parents will be notified by email if a conflict exam is scheduled for the student. If a personal or non-academic conflict arises, the Academic Office should be notified immediately. Supporting documentation will be required. Exams missed due to illness will be rescheduled to a day the week immediately after Closing. 

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Senior School Closing Ceremony

Watch a livestream of the Senior School closing celebration by clicking here! A recording of the event will also be available next week.