Community service is a mandatory component of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).  Under normal circumstances, each secondary student must complete 40 hours of service to achieve the OSSD, or a reduced number based on previous secondary study in a jurisdiction other than Ontario; Ashbury College normally requires 60 hours for achievement of the Ashbury Diploma.  The cumulative record of completed community service for each student is reported on student term reports; completion requires entry of the activity by the student into our ManageBac system, student reflection, review by the activity supervisor, and final review by the Ashbury Community Service Coordinator. 

Once again for this year, the Ontario Ministry of Education has relaxed the usual requirements to ensure that any student in grade 12 who is expected to graduate in June 2022 will graduate if they have completed 20 hours of community service. The completed service required to achieve the Ashbury Diploma has been reduced to 40 hours for this year. All students who have otherwise met the mandatory requirements for the OSSD and the Ashbury Diploma will receive them on graduating in June. Students graduating in subsequent years are still required to meet the usual requirements by the end of their graduation year.  All students, whether graduating this year or later, must complete their service entries in ManageBac, with reflections and supervisor reviews, by Monday, May 30, to ensure that final June reports accurately reflect students’ total completed service. Entries made after this date will not be reflected on the June reports 

For enquiries about the process for completing community service, and for further information about individual student service records, please contact Bryan MacKinnon, CAS and Community Service Coordinator, at

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Senior School Closing Ceremony

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