This week in Matthew

Brian Storosko

What a great past weekend for the students. We had a group board the Ashbury bus for a food shopping trip to the Asian Superstore – so many treats and food delicacies were purchased! Despite the frosty temperatures and the -16 temperature we had 17 students head to the local ski hill on Saturday for skiing. Kudos to some of the brave students from Gillin residence who tried downhill skiing for the very first time. We also had open gym time on main campus where another 15 students took advantage of this to play some indoor sports like shooting baskets! 

We had our House meeting Sunday night to remind the students of the Safety rules and ongoing procedures to protect each other against COVID.  

Attached are some photos of the boys in and about the school, a few were looking at Grad Photos on the wall and Malcolm even stopped to help Slava with a tie tying lesson in the middle of the hall.

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