Brian Storosko
Greetings, we are happy to announce that with the government changes to routines on this coming Monday, our students will be able to experience an ease in our congregate living restrictions. From the photos you will see students in our dining hall, they have the ability to socialize but masking and distancing are still so important. We have students doing homework with their multi-screen environment, one big benefit we have seen in residence is the resurgence in handwriting. Students are using the Apple pencil to make notes on their iPads, more so in mathematics and science, but this type of note taking, by hand, is so important to the development of the thought process.

There are also some great photos showing the safe social practices in the residence, in the common room we have had pool, cards and ping pong operating simultaneously. Although we had to restrict the fitness room to one person working out at a time, we did get a group up there sitting to play a ball passing game!

One added bonus of internationalism at our school is our staff. In one photo, Pablo from Mexico is getting a full explanation in Spanish of the downhill skiing process from Mr. Beltran (on phone).

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