Though it’s not quite been the New year we had anticipated, moving back into more restrictions and re-introducing covid protocols, please know we are all doing our best, with the limited information we have, to ensure the safety of all in our boarding community. With a reprieve on the near horizon (many restrictions in Ontario will be lifted this Monday) we, too, are able to open the residence to include more visitors and activities off campus. I know each family has a different comfort level with this and encourage you to discuss your individual preferences with your child and share your concerns with us as well.

Looking forward to a new month and being optimistic, we hope to enhance the variety of off-campus programs in order to take advantage of the wonderful activities offered in Ottawa and area this time of year. Boarding students will be able take part in trips to the ski hill as we begin to organize our very own “Friday (or Saturday) Night Skiing & Snowboarding” thanks to Mr. Lavergne.

On an academic note, if you were not able to catch the course presentations this week, the one for international families provides a brief overview of all years and can be found here.

I look forward to working closely with all of our grade 9 and 10 boarding students in the next few weeks as they move along their academic journeys.

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