This Week in Matthews

Mr. Brian Storosko 
So much was happening last weekend in the boarding residences. On Friday more than 10 students from the residences participated in Stay Up Ottawa which was an awareness raiser and fundraiser for unfortunate youth who have to live on the streets. Our students pitched tents, then spent the evening outside watching presentations, then a movie and finally, they headed to the tents when it was -4 degrees C. There was a mini tent city and Justus went one step further and slept on the ground in a tarp with no tent! The students packed up Saturday morning and were treated to a great breakfast and warm cinnamon buns in the Heather Gillin Residence. 
On Saturday morning some students took advantage of taking the Ashbury bus to the World Food Market to pick up some international food treats. Then on Sunday some exciting optional bubble soccer and archery events took place in the gyms. 
Sunday night a group of volunteers pulled out the lights, decorations and tree and brought our common room to life by setting up all the holiday displays. Currently we have decorations to celebrate a North American Christmas, but any other international ideas are also welcomed and encouraged, please send along suggestions if you have any (  
The Pluralism Project group at our school has been instrumental in opening our doors and our minds to world views. This week we had a number of boys from Matthews start on the Canoe Build project. 

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