This Week in Gillin & Maple

Kate Lane 
For the ten Gillin students who participated in the Sleep Out for Youth, it was a fabulous community-building opportunity, along with developing outdoor-education experience while building a tent, dressing appropriately for the cold, damp weather, and embracing sleeping outside surrounded only by sleeping bag and thin plastic shield. All boarders were then treated to a delicious buffet breakfast, prepared by our very own, and very generous, Ms. Allen. The homemade cinnamon buns were a fan favourite! 

Later on in the weekend, the residences shifted from our standard set-up to a beautifully-decorated Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, and winter-themed space. The lighting, tree and decorations have truly brightened everyone’s moods as we inch our way closer to the winter holidays. At this point, my hope is that all boarders have solidified and submitted their Orah leave requests for the holidays (with the knowledge of our changing global dynamics and the possibility for a last-minute addition to our program).   

This past week’s Wing Meetings revolved around Adam Grant’s TEDTalk, as posted for parents last week. We discussed our own levels of “languishing” throughout the pandemic and brainstormed ways to enhance joy – and add moments of flow – in everyday experiences. It was great to hear students’ descriptions of how they do experience this already – tennis practice, volunteering, rehearsing for the play – and realize that so much of what our after-school programs entail provide exactly what top psychologists are promoting right now: healthy, productive outlets in which to experience growth, achievement and connection. If you have not already, please ask your child what activities and co-curriculars they are involved in this winter term. 

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