This Week in Matthews

Mr. Brian Storosko
This week we have captured some photos related to activities the boys have participated in this week. On the weekend there was a Matthews House Ping Pong Tournament, after some challenging games, Edward was our winner. The boys who participate in optional events such as sports night or tournaments are awarded with “points” which are documented in their Orah files. They have all been asked to collect a certain number of points by the end of each term. We are piloting this process and hope to formalize it as a way of encouraging ongoing involvement.

In some of the other photos, Francis is doing some gardening as part of the Community Service program and Jason decided to bake a cake from scratch and offer it to the others in the residence. Thadeus and Quinn signed up for the Canoe Built project where they will work with materials harvested from the forest to hand build a full size birch bark Algonquin canoe, here they are learning about the different types of wood and bark that they will be using.

There is also a House Meeting photo which occurred on Sunday – we use these weekly meetings to share information about things such as holiday leaves, optional activities on the horizon, study and well-being skills etc.

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