This Week in Gillin and Maple

Ms. Kate Lane

As last week’s write-up did not get copied over, please find the commentary that was meant to accompany the TEDTalk here:  

After the long weekend it was wonderful seeing so many Gillin and Maple residents returning with positive energy and sharing stories of their various travels and experiences. I know our girls who participated in the Ashbury boarding trip to Toronto and Niagara Falls loved their time (as noted in Hyebin’s write-up and the pictures included below); being able to visit Gillin alumnae was a real bonus and testament to how close our boarding students become, across grades and throughout their time here.

With the shortened week, and perhaps some later nights over the long weekend, students seemed a little extra stressed with tests and assignments. In a particularly insightful conversation last night with one of our boarding council members, she shared an observation that “all anyone talks about is how stressed they are” – citing a need to help shift student’s fixation on this while comparing their workloads. I’m wondering if parents are hearing (and feeling) this way too? A healthy dose of listening and empathy is required, though equally important is helping our young people not dwell in this notion of “stress.” Perhaps even a reminder or reframe about the healthy impacts of our body’s stress response (otherwise, nothing would get done!) can also help – if you are interested in this topic, please enjoy Dr. McGonigal’s popular TEDTalk: How to make stress your friend.

If you are talking to your daughter this weekend, please remind them to go for a walk, enjoy time with their friends, and spend some quality time away from their laptops. Update for this weekend: there are MANY events on the near horizon – nothing like bubble soccer or archery to instill “flow” – a well-known psychological state proven to enhance wellbeing. Please enjoy another TEDTalk from my favourite organizational psychologist, Dr. Adam Grant. 

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