This Week in Gillin & Maple

Audrey Wang

Last Saturday, many of our boarders participated and volunteered at the International Walk held by the school; it was a wonderful experience that allows students to visit 17 embassies and talk to the ambassadors themselves. Following was the Gillin & Maple meeting on Sunday, where our lovely Boarding Council held an amazing small concert by Alice & Checkwu and a birthday celebration for the girls who were born in September. The cake was delicious! (a special thank you to Ms. Kerr for ordering and Ms. Allen for picking up).

We also celebrated Ms. Allen’s birthday and wrote a Thank You card to the kitchen staff for all their hard work this fall. As usual, on Sunday evening before prep time, Ms. Fitz lead a small group of people to do the mindfulness walk; it was awesome to breathe some fresh air at night and get calm for the new week of school. Today, everyone joined the eventful House Run by grades in the morning, and class ended at noon to begin the long weekend. Boarders who chose to stay during the Thanksgiving break will go to an aerial park this afternoon and enjoy a number of other events over the weekend.

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