Indigenous Experience Festival

Eva He

Last Saturday, the boarding community went to the Tagwàgi autumn festival. It is a traditionnal indigenous gathering in autumn to celebrate the harvest season.

The Tagwàgi autumn festival located at the Mādahòkì (to share land) Farm. There were many small businesses owned by the indigenous community selling a variety of things, from organic produce to traditional handicrafts. These small vendors were very unique, and students spent lots of time talking and learning from the friendly owners.

Despite visiting the vendors, there were another relaxing activity to do: the legacy walk. Alongside the trail, visitors put orange rocks of reconciliation with heart-warming and grateful messages dedicated to the first nations people and their land. It is a great opportunity that allowed them to reconnect with the land and learn about the generous gift that the nature has to offer. After the walk, many students enjoyed traditional foods at the site: corn soup, bannock bread and the wild berry fruit tea. All of them were delicious!

There was no doubt that the highlight of the experience was the amazing traditional performances by the talented actresses and actors. The students watched a short play about the three sisters and several dance performances. One of the most fascinating performances was the hoop dance. The dancer could hold up to 10 hoops on her body while dancing intensively, forming dance moves full of agility and aesthetics! Can you imagine it? It was such a spectacular performance to watch.

The activity was a fun time for everyone. The students got to hang out with their friends outside of school, enjoyed the interaction with nature, and most importantly, they learned more about the indigenous culture that had been rooted from this land that we all live on. It was an enjoyable and educational experience.

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