Gillin and Maple this week

Kate Lane

Gillin and Maple Residences are beginning to feel back to their usual, energetic spaces over the past week – it has been so wonderful to see our students out and enjoying one another’s company, baking snacks, and embracing the slightly cooler weather to eat outside around the picnic tables. The two food trucks this week were certainly an added bonus, and the boarders enjoyed indulging in some standard North American fare (burgers & poutine) as well as Caribbean dishes on Thursday.

If you have not heard your child discuss their co-curricular and clubs with you yet, please ask! We require all of our grade 9 and 10 students to fully participate each term and highly encourage the same for 11s and 12s- each will need at least a couple co-curriculars activities by the end of the year, so best start in the fall. For some, this was a little more challenging than others due to the competitive nature of our sports teams; however, there is something for everyone and we will continue to work to find a great fit. The importance of co-curriculars and clubs extend far beyond being active and engaged – they help create new friendships, enhance your child’s sense of belonging in the school, heighten their awareness to the world around them, and provide a much needed, productive break from academic work.

Last weekend our Gillinites participated in full-boarding activities lead by Mr. Lavergne and our boarding council and supported by day-teachers as well. This weekend we’re looking forward to bubble soccer and more active events on the field Sunday afternoon.

As a reminder, Thanksgiving plans are to be submitted by today – please encourage your child to do so and/or reach out to me if you have any questions or require assistance logging into Orah.

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