This week in Gillin

Ms. Kate Lane

As our numbers dwindle, the final group of seven are making the most of their last days in residence. This past week saw more (friendly) water-fights, a much-loved “slip ‘n slide”, frozen treats, morning workouts with Mr. Lockett-Smith, bike rides to Parliament and even a river walk with shoreline clean up. While participating in some of these activities may have taken a little extra encouragement, as you can tell from the pictures, our boarding students forged strong memories and returned with big smiles. This has likely been the most memorable week for many. We are grateful for the energy that these students have continued to bring to Gillin and will miss them dearly next week.

This Thursday was our phenomenal and longest-standing Gillin teacher’s last duty night. Our Gillin team marked her final night with a mini “bubble-tea party” and we reminisced on this very unique conclusion to her many years in residence. Ms. Huang has been a steadfast support to all of the teachers and students this year; her creativity, compassion, humour, organizational skills, among many other talents, will be so dearly missed next year.

Finally, I wish a well-deserved rest to both students and parents alike this summer. I hope everyone takes time to connect as family and with friends from home. For those of you not returning to Ashbury next year, we hope you keep in touch and come back whenever possible. For our returning boarding students – stay safe, be active, relax, read a book, enjoy time with family & friends, and return to us ready for an exciting 2021–2022 school year!

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