This week in Gillin

Ms. Kate Lane
With the final day of classes upon us, the 15 boarders we have left in Gillin celebrate their accomplishments this year, while reflecting on the many unique circumstances and challenges of attending school halfway across the world for many. They all seem quite proud of their accomplishments, and I continue to be impressed with their accommodating and typically cheery attitudes.

Last Saturday was a beautiful evening, inspiring Ms. Kerr to organize and run a much-loved game: Capture the Flag! Almost all boarders in each residence participated and finished the night with great memories and big smiles. There was also some creative use of our many leftovers that night, with delicious fruit-yogurt-chocolate-granola parfaits made by Susana and others.

Sadly, we say farewell to five more students over the next five days as our residence becomes continually quieter leading into summer holidays. While classes officially end today, we do have a variety of activities organized from bike rides, river clean-ups, walks, networking events, cooking classes and even a dog training session—some of which are hosted specifically for our boarding students—the only group still able to take advantage of our beautiful campus.

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