This Week in Matthews

Mr. Brian Storosko
We had a great gathering of our Grade 12 students this week before some begin to leave for their adventures beyond Ashbury. Ethan and Santiago attended via iPads for our photo opp. Also pictured is Nicolas, who has packed up and is ready to go, as he was one of the first IB students to finish classes and to head off for post Ashbury studies.

You can also see some photos of Grade 12 students who headed over to the Junior School for a change of scenery and afternoon study time. You can also see Jafaar using some e-learning tools with his laptop and iPad in order to engage with one of his mathematics teachers during evening prep time.

Sports night has been well attended and provides an opportunity for the boys to burn off some of their extra energy playing basketball.

We have asked the boys to stay engaged and to this end, two new students, Michael and Malcolm, ran a special Dungeons and Dragons training session for all. In this case, the two boys ended up training Ms. Fitz, Mr. Harris and Mr. Lackey.

The weather is starting to warm up and we are encouraging the boys to spend more time outdoors and away from screen time as we enjoy days with more daylight

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Senior School Closing Ceremony

Watch a livestream of the Senior School closing celebration by clicking here! A recording of the event will also be available next week.