This Week in Gillin Residence

Ms. Kate Lane
It’s been an emotional week, saying farewell to a number of our Grade 12 students. We made the most of it by going on some extra dog walks (from the pictures, you can tell we love our dogs here in Gillin!) and enjoying a Senior Celebration on Sunday evening with pizza, cake, and a cheesy high school movie. Of course, the year is not yet over and more celebrations are to come; however, we will rely heavily on our technology platforms for future “gatherings.”
A testament to the incredible friendships formed through boarding, some girls woke up at 4am to say a final goodbye to their friends; Hyebin wins the top prize, awaking three nights in a row to wish her Grade 12 peers well as they embarked on their long journeys home. You can see that our girls took their health and safety seriously, doning full PPE for the long travels. Thank you to everyone who has emailed to let me know you/your child has arrived safely!
This week we learned some fascinating facts on Kazakhstan from Grade 12 Anna, which further promoted an interesting conversation about diversity and inclusivity within her country where various cultures/ethnicities co-exist. Having this open dialogue and supportive conversations are essential to further understanding one another, and enhancing our own goals surrounding cultural understanding within our community.

With May underway, we look forward to longer days and increased sunshine. Although less than half of our Gillinites remain on campus, we will make the most of this month by hosting outdoor activities and supporting our girls through their final stretch of tests and assignments.

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Senior School Closing Ceremony

Watch a livestream of the Senior School closing celebration by clicking here! A recording of the event will also be available next week.