This Week in Gillin

Ms. Kate Lane
Even through the continued lockdowns, our sense of community amongst boarders has remained strong. Highlights this week included the delicious taco truck on campus, where both residences could enjoy eating outdoors in proximity to one another. We in Gillin are also very grateful for Mr. Storosko who ordered boarding bikes for us, and Fred who even constructed one of ours — much gratitude! Dana and Audrey also participated, putting together our first bike and I know everyone will look forward to borrowing these for bike rides for our beautiful upcoming weekends. Finally, another thank you to Jafaar who organized Eid celebrations, and Mrs. Storosko who picked up the delicious treats to share amongst both residences. Again this past week we said goodbye to some amazing Grade 12 boarders. Friends from both houses, and all grades, rallied to say goodbye to these phenomenal individuals and we will miss them dearly in the weeks to come.

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Senior School Closing Ceremony

Watch a livestream of the Senior School closing celebration by clicking here! A recording of the event will also be available next week.