This Week in Gillin

Ms. Kate Lane
On the verge of our Easter long weekend, we are looking forward to celebrating together as a very full residence, including Eflin and Gabby who completed their quarantine this week and upcoming weekend. We are thrilled to have everyone “out” at last! While the current status of Ottawa has resulted in much less movement within the city, I know some fun activities are planned for our boarders on campus.

Adding to those activities is a new ping pong table that Ms. Hickson organized for us in the second-floor lounge this past weekend. A handful of girls excitedly participated in some friendly matches, and then resurrected the “Wii” and continued playing games on this device as well. It’s wonderful to see these active games in Gillin and opportunities to connect with one another over a little competition. To keep the excitement up, we are looking to host a ping pong tournament this weekend!

Another highlight was some fabulous French cooking that occurred on Friday. Mia, Monale, and Savanah were eager participants and kindly shared their products with appreciative Gillinites. Our meeting Sunday night revolved mainly around the increased precautions we must take, ensuring we are all considering the health and wellness of everyone in our direct and indirect community. While some of these regulations seem steep, they are designed to protect our most vulnerable and I continue to commend everyone’s understanding and support around these protocols. We are looking forward to a safe and restful couple weeks ahead.

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