This Week in Gillin

Ms. Kate Lane
Many of our girls enjoyed a true Canadian experience last Friday, when venturing out on a very cold, windy day to go dogsledding in Quebec with a beautiful pack of Huskies. Special thanks to Mr. Lavergne for organizing, and Ms. Kerr and Ms. Huang for attending— I think all involved had a wonderful time! You can watch the video by Ms. Huang to get a taste of this unique experience and beautiful surroundings.

Our boarders also participated in a yoga session in the gym, and homemade Kraft dinner making, led by Ms. Fitz.

Wing meetings this week centered around celebrating International Women’s Day with an engaging presentation by Monale, review of the COVID-safe practices and protocols we aim to uphold in residence and the community, reminders about our in-res tutoring opportunities, and creating a “positive feedback survey” to support one another and highlight individual strengths and contributions to our boarding community. I look forward to sharing the feedback with each Gillinite next week!

Tomorrow, our boarding students have the opportunity to go to “Flying Squirrel Trampolining” and participate in an indoor activity that was tremendous fun last year. With the warming weather, we’re also seeing more students venture out for walks in the neighbourhood and encourage this exploration as we are fortunate to live in a very safe, park-filled location in Rockcliffe.

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