This Week in Gillin

Ms. Kate Lane
As we complete our four-day week and enter the first three-day weekend in March, while not what we hoped for “March break,” the ladies in Gillin continue to impress us with their resiliency and understanding. Four consecutive three-day breaks amid these unusual times will provide a more balanced schedule while allowing us to plan various off-campus activities for our students (thank you, Mr. Lavergne!). I was pleased to see how many girls signed up for these events already and know that getting away from school and changing up routines will allow them to disconnect from their work and engage in meaningful time spent together.  

This past weekend provided a different type of activity and I am so grateful for the three students who volunteered their time and energy to help shovel off our outdoor rink. With the heavy snowfall the night before, this was no easy task: three hours of heavy lifting finally resulted in a cleared ice surface—using the rink for skating and hockey practice on Monday, I witnessed first hand the results of this hard work. Eva A, Aiya and Fred stayed in great spirits throughout, and felt a deep sense of pride in accomplishing this big task.Another highlight this past weekend was Gillin’s own producer and film-maker debuting her first masterpiece: Ozioma, with the help of Mia’s coordination and organization, orchestrated a fabulous “red-carpet event” in the theatre on Sunday evening. Students from Gillin and Matthews were featured in her short film entitled “I AM” exploring the “creation and beauty of black excellence through the subconscious of the young black girl” (Molokwu 2021). Having witnessed some of the challenges Ozi overcame to complete her impressive CAS project reminds me of the saying “nothing worthwhile comes easily.”  As many of our Grade 12s receive university acceptances, and gaze to the final papers and exams ahead, I hope they keep this in mind—it will all be worthwhile in the end!

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