This Week in Matthews

Mr. Brian Storosko

Food, food, food; that seemed to be the theme of the week in our residence. It started on the February long weekend with some great food being brought in from the Mandarin and the Lone Star restaurants. The boys had endless amounts to eat and even leftovers into the week, and still that did not stop them from ordering in extra food all week long!

On the weekend, there were many boys getting outside for skating, skiing and walking. For those who stayed inside, there was also the conclusion of the pool tournament that Nicholas M organized as part of CAS and which Pongwit (Time) won.

On Thursday, at the online grade meetings, we all watched a video clip to celebrate Lunar New Year. We were very proud that this video clip involved so many of our Matthews boys wishing others a Happy New Year.

Parent-teacher interviews were this past week, and if you did not get to speak with your son’s teachers, this is a good time to message them on Edsby. Restrictions in Ottawa have been eased slightly and we are looking forward to being able to let the boys off campus to run errands etc.

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